Film influences society

The convergent nature of film creates consumption across a number of channels. To me, this is fundamental about why movies have become global.

View Interviewee Biographies Thomas Sherak, whose remarkable career has seen him at the pinnacle of motion picture marketing, distribution and production, is now serving as President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and is also consulting for Marvel Studios and Relativity Media.

We canmomentarily be a young woman, an old woman, a black person, an Asian person, a Chinese person, and look at the world and argue a position that is not our own for a while — inhabit a position that is not our own.

The Role of Film in Society

Nowadays, we usually notice that the winning formula for a successful cinema today is about bandit or rebellion, gangster, rowdy and other movies doing sinful actions unlike before that winning entries are about good manners, legends, ancient characters, cultural attractions and etc.

To me, the ultimate prize for a great movie is whether it can stand the test of time, across generations. Right now, this technology is still very much in infancy.

Unfortunately, not only the educated groups of viewers tend to follow the inappropriate mannerisms that these heroes portray in the screen. By Loranne Yaun If you are a certified fan of movies, it certainly had influenced you a lot in your decisions, thinking, mood, views, and etc.

The End of the Line There are plenty more fish in the sea, right. Is it a fad now. Can you give me something else which the world has in common.

The Role of Film in Society

Why does that affect culture. Piracy is all over the place, and you have to bring people to justice who act illegally- there are laws there for a reason. Movies are stories, movies are people who come out with ideas about something they want to say, something they want to tell someone.

Many years ago, I came up with an idea. There is an old movie-saying, which the distribution and marketing people love… During a recession, business gets better.

We become inspired by the context of the film, no matter in what category it lies. Is it a fad now. It has the power to change hearts and minds — and sometimes society more widely. That, in essence, is the true attraction. Society also influences film, because the movie makers can take a serious incident that happened and turn it into a movie.

Like the film that was created about the September 11th attack. Such a traumatic created a huge hype in America that a movie was created about the whole incident and how society reacted about it. Everyone is a product of their culture and society and this is no different for those who make film.

10 movies that changed the world

On this very simple but important point I would claim that culture influences film. Of course film is now a part of culture and therefore is an influence on the expansion of cinematic culture.

Viewing a single movie or being exposed to a specific message may be enough for effects on people's beliefs which forms a perception about a certain group of people. Film can influence opinions and ideas of people and form society so their views and at 3/5(1).

with respect to the influences of film on society and visa versa. Although it feels a bit generalized, it does include some pertinent and useful information.

Overall, I think that it fulfills its purpose most efficiently when viewed as an informal persuasive essay.3/5(1). In this exclusive interview we talk to Tom Sherak, President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (best known for their Academy Awards, also referred to as "Oscars").

We look at the role of film in society and how it has grown to become such a ubiquitous art. We discuss what makes a 'great' movie, some history of film, the. But the society also influences the type of film.

Film Influences on Society Essay Sample

The current issues going on would always be considered when making a film. This is just the basic or key idea.

Film influences society
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